Forest Management and Fire Mitigation

Bent Tree has continuing concerns regarding the protection of our forest and properties.  The Bent Tree Forest Management Committee and Fire Mitigation Working Group are extensions of the BTPOA Board of Directors.  We want to protect our Bent Tree forest and help you protect the value of your property.  If you want our help or if you want to help, please contact us.


Tree Inspection April 2017.   On April 17-18, the CSFS conducted a visual inspection of our neighborhood. I have attached the summary of that inspection with this email. The remainder of their report was details about specific properties, what was seen and noted, as well as maps of those items with GPS coordinates. Overall, there were 20 problems noted on 17 lots. Owners of the impacted properties will be contacted to make sure they are aware of their issue and what resolution needs to occur. Report.

Mountain Pine Beetle.  We are encountering an eruption of mountain pine beetle infestation.  It is necessary that everyone be aware of the situation and their responsibilities to mitigate the problem.  The beetles fly during late spring and summer and may be attacking your healthy trees and those of your neighbors.  If you have beetle infested trees it is imperative that you take immediate remedial action.   How to survey property, identify infested trees and dispose of them (March 2007 mailing to BTPOA membership).

Useful Links.  (outside BTPOA web site)
 - Colorado State Forest Service
 - Colorado State Forest Service Trees for Conservation Program; (While these healthy, seedling trees are not authorized for landscaping, they are for forestry management and species diversification.)
 - CSU Extension Service: Dwarf Mistletoe Management



Be Prepared.  The Tri-Lakes Fire Protection District's brochure:  Ready, Set, Go!  Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan ought to be "must read" for everyone in Bent Tree.  PLEASE READ IT!  It is also available in print at the District office.

BTPOA June 2012 Fire Mitigation Letter. Emailed to those with email address/mailed to those without email.

Free Individual Property Assessment.  The Tri-Lakes Fire Protection District will assess your property to determine what wildfire mitigation actions should be taken to best protect your home and property in the event a wild land fire threatens. This service is free and merely requires that you call John Vincent, TLFD Fire Marshall, to schedule a time for him to have a crew survey your property. With this assessment you will be able to prioritize your mitigation efforts to maximize your benefit. The Phone number to call is 719-484-0911. 

Forest Stewardship Management Plan.  In 1997 Bent Tree established a Forest Stewardship Management Plan.  A major emphasis was and continues to be creating defensible space around our properties. It is important that we are all aware of wildfire potential and what mitigation actions we must take.  In addition, tall dry weeds in Bent Tree are out of control on several lots and create a special fire hazard.  Ignited dry grasses and weeds are the start of many wildfires.  They are the start of the ladder fuel fire process which begins with grass above 2 inches in height, progresses to shrubs, then up dead limbs on trees to their canopies.  Most of the weeds, wild grasses and noxious weeds in Bent Tree are the result of disturbing the forest during the process of building homes and roads.  These weeds and grasses are not part of the original natural forest and should be cut as frequently as possible if not watered during periods of high fire danger (within irrigation limits in Bent Tree).  In addition, uncut weeds and grasses are unsightly and negatively effect property values.  More information:
 - Bent Tree Forest Stewardship Management Plan - "Good information + sensible choices = a safer and healthier forest" (60 pages)
 - Bent Tree Forest Fire Safety Guidelines - Excerpt from The Plan (2 pages)

State Income Tax Incentive.  Colorado Revised Statutes, Section 39-22-104(4)(n), provides for income tax years 2009 through 2013 that individuals, estates and trusts may subtract from Colorado taxable income 50% of the costs incurred in performing wildfire mitigation measures that meet the certain requirements.  The requirements are spelled out in both the Ready, Set, Go! brochure on Page 13 and Colorado Department of Revenue's Information Sheet:  Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction.  One of the requirements is a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  In the Fall of 2011 the El Paso County Board of Commissioners, United States Forest Service and the El Paso County Emergency Services Division approved the Community Wildfire Protection Plan for Unincorporated El Paso County.  This plan applies to the Bent Tree area.  Neither BTPOA, the Fire Mitigation Working Group nor the Colorado State Forest Service are qualified to give tax advice; residents interested in participating in this program should consult with a qualified tax advisor.

Useful Links.  (outside BTPOA web site)
 - El Paso - Teller Counties Emergency Notification System (E 911) self registration portal

 - CSU Extension Service: Fire Wise Construction: Site Design and Building Materials (New for 2013)
 - CSU Extension Service: Protecting Your Home from Wildfire: Creating Wildfire Defensible Zones (New for 2013)
 - USDA Forest Service, Fire Education

 - Tri-Lakes Fire Protection District's brochure:  Ready, Set, Go!  Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan
 - Colorado Department of Revenue's Information Sheet:  Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction.