Condensed Protective Covenants for Current Residents

(Originally written in the 1990s by the BTPOA Covenant Compliance Committee)

This condensed version of the Bent Tree Protective Covenants is provided as a quick reference for current residents. Use it like an index or quick read to the formal Declarations of Protective Covenants about matters other than primary house construction. The numbers and letters in [brackets] are paragraph numbers where you can find full text in the Declarations of Protective Covenants for Filings 1, 2 and 3; look a paragraph or 2 later in Filings 4 and 5.

ARCHITECTURAL MATTERS. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must approve, in writing, any changes to the natural environment of lots. This applies both to new construction and to subsequent changes, additions, repainting and major repairs or renovations. Included are the following:

-- Buildings, structures, walls, gates, windbreaks, swimming pools, flagpoles, windmills, pump houses, water tanks, and exterior lighting. Basketball hoops fall in this "catchall" category. [9E(1)]

-- Driveways [9E(9)]

-- Fencing [9E(11a)]

-- Antennas: prominent, visible antennas are prohibited - attic antennas are encouraged. Satellite dish antennas may be used only in areas where they will be unobtrusive, and must be painted or screened to blend in with the natural environment [9E(11b)].

-- Mailboxes and their support structures. Colored plastic or metal newspaper boxes are not permitted. [9E(10)]

-- Signs must be first approved in writing by the ACC, except for 18 X 24 builder and real estate signs. [16].

-- Exterior clotheslines are prohibited, unless screened from everyone's view [18].


-- Nuisance. Please control dog barking. Just because you tolerate or tune out your dogs barking, it does not mean that other households do. The use of trail bikes, minibikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc., is limited to county roads and going to and from residences. [14]

-- Vehicles are to be habitually parked in a closed garage. This includes the vehicles you regularly use. Recreation vehicles, to include travel trailers, horse trailers, campers, boats or a motor home and various equipment may be kept in an organized manner to the rear of the house if not readily visible from public streets or from others within the subdivision. Using an ACC-approved garage or fencing to screen such vehicles is recommended [3 and 19].

-- Dogs are not permitted to run loose. Kennels for the commercial raising, breeding and boarding of animals are prohibited [21B].

-- Lots are to remain in their natural state as nearly as possible except for irrigated lawn and garden not to exceed 2000 ft and clearing of rubbish [4 and 10].

-- No commercial businesses or trades shall be carried on upon any tract [2 and 14].

-- Keep garbage or trash containers concealed. No trash, litter, junk, equipment, boxes or other such items should be visible from other tracts or public streets.

-- No livestock of any kind, neither temporary nor permanent, is allowed [21A].

-- Owners are responsible for clearing away accumulations of brush, stumps, trash, or other materials which may constitute a fire hazard or render a lot unsightly. Neat stacks of firewood are okay. [10]


-- See the full text.

-- Discuss your question/concern about architectural matters with a member of the Architectural Control Committee.

-- Discuss your question/concern about non-architectural matters with a member of the Covenants Compliance Committee.

The "bottom lines". . .

-- Please be thoughtful of those around you.

-- Preserve exceptional appearance and property values in Bent Tree.    Return to Top