Bent Tree Filings

Ready Reference: The 2008 Family Directory
The back cover shows a map of Bent Tree lots by number. The Bent Tree Lots section of the Directory provides cross reference to property owners.

Lots Numbers and Street Descriptions
Here are brief narrative descriptions of the 5 filings of Bent Tree.  The hyperlinks take you to the covenants for the filing.

Filing 1: Lots 1-63--Scottswood Drive, cul-de-sacs off Scottswood Drive, and northern Charter Pines Drive to Lots 30 and 31.

Filing 2: Lots 64-124--Charter Pines Drive not in Filing 1, the cul-de-sacs off Charter Pines Drive, eastern Colonial Park Drive to Lots 117 and 118, and Viscount Court.

Filing 3: Lots 125-196--Colonial Park Drive not in Filing 2 and the cul-de-sacs off Colonial Park Drive, except Burgundy Court.

Filing 4: Lots 197-251--Queensmere Drive and its cul-de-sacs.

Filing 5: Lots 252-257--Burgundy Court.