Bent Tree Email List

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Email Distribution List.  The Board of Directors operates an email distribution list for official business of Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association, Inc. (BTPOA).  Topics are news and announcements of general interest, not commercial uses, non-profit solicitations, or posts from Association members at large.  The amount of email is occasional, not regular and frequent.  A partial archive may be viewed at  At last count, the list reaches 209 of BTPOA's 250 distinct property owners.


Who may send email.  The elected Board of Directors and their designees, such as committee chairs. 


Privacy.  Your email address is available only to those involved in management of BTPOA and not shared inside BTPOA unless you elected to include it in the Bent Tree Family Directory.  Your email address is not shared outside BTPOA except with those under contract to help manage the Association. 

Relationship with Bent Tree Family Directory.  None.  The email distribution list and the Bent Tree Family Directory are separate processes with no cross talk.

Participation.  To add or delete service from this mailing list, please contact Bent Tree resident Steve Fuhrmann at, 488-0544.  Thank you.