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March 19, 2007


Dear Bent Tree Homeowner,


Bent Tree Property Owners Association must safeguard our supply of water and must legally comply with water court decrees. Bent Tree homeowners should have an understanding of how our water is provided, how we consume it, and whether we are in compliance with water usage requirements. To foster that knowledge, here are some of the key factors each of us should know:


  1. Our water usage is managed in compliance with State Water Court Decrees.  Each lotís well usage is not to exceed 102,333 gallons water per household for in-house domestic use. In addition, each household has an allowance for irrigation of up to 2,000 square feet of grass, turf, or other vegetation, equal to another 22,445 gallons. Total max = 124,800 gallons/year.
  2. Most homes in Bent Tree do not have water meters although thirty-six (36) lots are metered by decree requirement.  Pools are also metered.
  3. Bent Tree is required to provide the state engineers an annual report of metered usage and surveyed landscaping being irrigated for all lots.
  4. The BTPOA has collected and reported that water usage information and has examined the data to better understand the estimated water usage for all of Bent Tree.  We are approaching maximum permitted usage.
  5. The contracts and the court cases approving the agreements are available for review Ė Look under the Covenants and Architectural Control link. More explanatory material pertaining to Water Augmentation is also located there.

Metered well aggregate usage allowed vs. actual usage (in million gallons)











Well percentage over-usage and compliant-usage


Clearly, water usage has increased substantially in metered wells and, statistically, itís likely that our metered well usage is representative of all of Bent Tree. Although we are in compliance, our water usage almost doubled between 2004 and 2006. A significant concern is the increase in the percentage of wells being used in excess permitted limits. Since we are approaching our maximum allowed water consumption, we need to proactively reverse the trend in well over-usage. 

To move Bent Tree toward stable, compliant usage, the Board of Directors (BoD) is working to understand and reduce over consumption with each over-consuming homeowner.

Additionally, the BoD needs to examine water usage related to landscaping for all lots. Since the Bent Tree covenants restrict landscaped areas to 2,000 square feet per house, the BoD is proposing a  survey of landscaping on Bent Tree lots this summer. We need to measure the landscaped areas on each lot. To do so, we need your cooperation and access to your property.  If we fail to contain the growth in usage, we may face fines, penalties and other sanctions.  

Please help us manage our water by assisting in this effort to control our water usage. You will be contacted to establish an appointment to measure your landscaping and irrigation of it.

Thanks again for your help and cooperation.

Bent Tree Board of Directors
Bent Tree Covenant Compliance Committee
Bent Tree Water Augmentation Committee