P.O. Box 2631

Monument, CO  80132


From the President of the Bent Tree Property Owners Association

December 25, 2006


I hope you all are having a Great Holiday Season.   And a Happy New Year to all of our friends and neighbors in Bent Tree.  As the newly elected President of the BTPOA, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some new information with you since the September report.


I would first like to congratulate John Heiser on his continued service to the BTPOA.  John has been on the Board of Directors (BOD) for seven years, with the last five of those years as President.  He is still on the BOD serving as Vice President and will be helping me take over the reins and providing continuity in the transition.  Thank you, John, for your dedication and continued service. 


Gail Bates resigned from the BOD as a director at large.  We thank her for serving.


Tom Hilfers, who is the new ACC Chairman taking over from Bruce Bates, is also now on the BOD as a director at large, taking the position vacated by Gail.  We welcome Tom; he has served on the ACC for over two years now, understands our goals of serving Bent Tree and is willing to help.  With Tom and I on the BOD and on the ACC, I feel the cooperation of ACC and the CCC to be a very closely tied.   


Debbi Maser has accepted continuing in the position of Secretary.  Debbi will be included on all correspondence and will be the central repository of all documents of the activities and meetings that concern the BOD. 


William McDonnell resigned because of medical treatment; we wish him well and a speedy recovery.  Debbi Maser will assume the Treasurer duties while we are looking for a Treasure.   If you have experience and education in finance and would like to support the BTPOA we would welcome talking to you.  There is one opening on the BOD and we really need to fill that position. 


Steve Fuhrmann continues to help us with the web site and has given us great advice; he has previously served as a BOD member and continues to give greatly of his time.   We thank you, Steve, for your contributions and sage advice. 


I would like to reiterate that the Bent Tree BOD is in place to serve you, the owners of Bent Tree property – we are your representatives, and strive to be the catalyst, the central organizers and to provide a repository of the BTPOA documentation.  The members of the BOD are on a quest to get other residents in Bent Tree more involved in our community.  We passed out the sign-up sheet at the homeowners’ annual meeting and many of you volunteered to help us with the needs of the community.  We appreciate your interest and desire to participate, and if there are others that would like to help maintain the reputation of Bent Tree as one of the most prestigious areas around, which hopefully will help retain our property values, please contact any of the Board members to volunteer.  Some of the committees are formed and operational.  I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that are volunteering your time and efforts to make our community better.   


Each BOD member has an assignment to get these committees functioning as soon as possible.  Many are already operational: Beautification is headed up by John Stahl; they are working on fixing the trail and organizing for the beautification of the entrances in the spring.  Engineering is being chaired by Jerry Lopez.  Neighborhood watch is vacant at this time.  Newsletter and Directory is being worked on by Debbi Maser, with her workload it would be nice to have some more help for Debbi.  There are others that are helping but newsletter and directory takes a lot of time, and more help is really appreciated.  Wayne Claybaugh is heading up the Welcome committee and tasks are underway. Jerry Lopez is the Chairman of Water Augmentation Committee.  Jerry gave us a report on the annual reporting to the State on our water usage already this year.  John Anderson chairs the Forestry Committee, and gives us great advice on the mistletoe and beetle issues.  The CCC is forming and will be operational soon.  We are looking for a representative in each of the Bent Tree filings.  We are also working on a contract for an outside firm to handle CCC complaints. 


As you can see the committees will appoint their own chairperson, work to identify and prioritize objectives and goals, and then establish a budget and action plan to achieve them.  The chairperson, along with the BOD liaison, will present to the BOD a summary of what the anticipated budget requirements (if any) are to accomplish the task, will define a plan of action, and identify if any additional help is needed.   There are some things that will be done immediately and others maybe wait until spring, such as trail repair and enhancing the entrances to the Bent Tree.  If we had 100 people helping just an hour a month, just think of the progress we could make!


The BOD is planning on have regularly scheduled meetings at the same place and time each month (which will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm, at the Monument Sanitation District board room, 130 2nd St., Monument), and all residents of Bent Tree are invited to attend.  All homeowners are welcome to actively participate and provide input, or to just listen to the topics of discussion.  An agenda will be published on the Bent Tree web site no later than three days prior to the meeting.  If you would like specific topics to be added to the agenda, please contact the BOD Secretary before the agenda is published.  Meetings will adjourn at 9:00pm and all business not covered in the allotted time will be moved to the next meeting.


In order to defray costs we will publish meeting schedules and other documents on the web site, and will also send to as many email subscribers as we have.  If you are not getting communications and would like us to add your email to the list, please send the request to the BOD Secretary.  If you don’t have email or internet access, please let us know so an alternative method of providing BTPOA information to you can be established.  The more we have using the internet the less expense we have for the BTPOA.


As President of the BTPOA, I will strive to keep everyone in Bent Tree informed of the activities and decisions of the BOD.  I sincerely hope that the renewal of these committees enhance the quality of life for the residents Bent Tree.  Your involvement and support will contribute greatly to this.  We have a beautiful spot in a beautiful state; let’s enjoy it and work together to make it even better.



Duane A. Fitch

President, BTPOA