Bent Tree Property Owners’ Association, Inc.

Web edition of special mailing to BTPOA members June 12, 2006





Our BENT TREE PROTECTIVE COVENANTS state:  “Owners are responsible for prompt treatment or removal of trees infected by pine beetle or other insects which can kill trees within a year and might spread to adjacent trees and lots, and to reasonably contain any trees with slow parasitic growth such as mistletoe.”


“Once MPB infest a tree, nothing practical can be done to save that particular tree.  Under epidemic or outbreak conditions, enough beetles can emerge from an infested tree to kill about two same-sized trees the following year.”  (Colorado State Forest Service Publications 5.528.)


In the case of a MPB tree, the Colorado Revised Statutes, Article 4, Title 35, Paragraph 35-4-107, state, “You must remove and destroy the tree(s) of concern no later than July 15th of the current year.  Unfortunately, failure to comply could ultimately result in a lien being placed on your property by the County.”  In addition, you could be subject to litigation by neighboring property owners for harboring a nuisance, and be fined by the BTPOA.


IT is recommended that diseased trees be removed in early Spring and no later than July 15th as the beetles can emerge in May.