Bent Tree Geography

736 acres, 1.15 square miles; 257 lots

7380 feet at bottom of Filing 3 to 7500 feet at top in Filing 1

Bent Tree straddles the Palmer Divide.   The Palmer Divide is the ridge of land that divides the Missouri River and Arkansas River watersheds.   We all know the route of Interstate 25 over the Palmer Divide as Monument Hill.  The Palmer Divide continues southeast, entering Bent Tree at the high point on Colorado Highway 105 just west of Scottswood Drive and leaves at the high point on Higby Road at Colonial Park Drive.  Water north of the Divide (Bent Tree 4) flows to Cherry Creek, which flows to Platte River, which flows to the Missouri River.   Water south of the Divide (Bent Tree 3) flows to Monument Creek, which flows to Fountain Creek, which flows to the Arkansas River.