Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

ACC mission:  The members of the Bent Tree Architectural Control Committee are tasked with monitoring new and ongoing construction in the Bent Tree subdivision to ensure compliance with Bent Tree Covenants.

Contact the ACC:  Email or telephone members at phone numbers on BTPOA contacts page.

New Construction:  Information and forms

Additional construction, changes, improvements and landscaping:  Information and forms

Request Tracker:  List of Architectural Change Requests Beginning August 2009

Notice about Perimeter Fences:  The Architectural Control Committee is sensitive to the ambiance of the neighborhood when approving fences, taking into account the appearance from the street and adjacent lots.  Therefore, perimeter fences will not be approved as called out in the Covenants for Bent Tree*.  A perimeter fence is any fence that follows the lot line to prevent access to wildlife or that disrupts the natural environment of the neighborhood.  A perimeter fence encloses more than 30% of the property and cannot extend the full length of any one side of the property.

* Filings 1/2 not specifically addressed.  Filing 3, Paragraph 9. E. (12) (a) and Filings 4/5, Paragraph 10. E. (12) (a):  "Barbed wire fencing within the subdivision is prohibited, and perimeter fences and chain link normally will not be approved."